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About Us


Anywhere PRO Audio & Entertainment is a Christian family owned and operated business established officially in North Carolina when Eric retired from the Air Force in 2012.  The owners, Eric and Joan Bailey have been entertaining together since 1998!   

Our Promise:  Clean . Legal . Entertainment . Period .    

Our experience is not compromised by outsourcing DJs.  You ALWAYS get the owners!

We provide Top Tier DJ and Audio services for Wedding Ceremonies/Receptions, Military or Business Events, School Events, Reunions and Parades.

Anywhere???  Why is Anywhere in our name?

We can provide our full, Amplified, wedding ceremony service where there is no access to electricity.  We have battery integrated systems and we're ALWAYS charged up!

Have your wedding amplified * Have the music you want * Have it all through Bose Professional PA

Our Reception Gear!!!

When the music starts, it is remarkable to watch how many heads turn to the speakers!  Many people have never heard Professional Bose PA speakers because the majority of DJs use "Budget Gear."  Let's face it, most PA systems are bulky and quite frankly, ugly!  Huge traditional speakers, subs and power amps can prohibit their use in some venues simply because of their enormous footprint and time required to set up!

We invested in the BEST!  Our Bose systems are professional looking, have a small footprint and deliver the perfect picture of precision sound every time...in any venue!  BTW, the up-lights in the pic below...yes, us!

You have been dedicated to your research for the right professional!  Because you read this far, you deserve our largest Discount!