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We have answered common questions and try to anticipate others you might have and provide the answers here.

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What makes Anywhere PRO Audio & Entertainment a Top Tier wedding service?

A.  Our service is unmatched because of our years of experience paired with the amazing technology we invest in.  We are very proud of our desire to give our clients the best.  Our sound equipment can be placed nearly anywhere in a room or outdoors and still create a perfect tonal balance.  We purchase quality music tracks where radio stations purchase music.  


What kind of sound equipment do you use?

A. We use Bose F1 Model 812Bose® L1 Model II and Bose L1 Compact systems accompanied by high quality microphones and sound consoles.


Do you provide a written contract to guarantee your service?

A.  Absolutely!  A contract is a good business standard for our services to reserve booking, provide an outline of services and document negotiated deposits and fees.  A contract protects everyone!


I want to have music at my beach wedding but most beaches don't allow generators to power big sound systems.  How do you power your system where a generator isn't allowed?

A. We have assembled solar charged deep cell battery inverters for our systems.  We plug in just like a wall socket.  They are guaranteed to provide electricity for your venue up to 5 hours without noise!


How long does it take Anywhere PRO Audio & Entertainment to set up?

A. It depends on the service being provided.  A typical wedding ceremony set up takes 45 minutes to an hour.  A reception with uplights, dance lights, haze and two monograms may take up to 2.5 hours.  Setting up for an 8 piece band may take as long as 4 hours with sound checks.


Can you guarantee your service will not make our ears bleed?

A.  Great question!  We utilize a decibel meter to guarantee our audio output remains below the db noise standard for the area of your venue.  Also, we both have many years of reading faces in a crowd.  ;)


How can Anywhere PRO Audio & Entertainment afford to operate with those low fees?

A. We purely enjoy serving our customers.  So much that it's more like a hobby than a job.  Most of our equipment was purchased while Eric was active duty in the US Air Force, therefore we have almost no overhead.  Also, we did not start our company to get rich.  Our happiness is found through pleasing our customer's ears..and wallets!


Why are Monograms expensive?

A.  A Monogram "gobo" is a laser-cut disc or a laser engraved glass disc we outsource manufacturing to  We only charge our clients for the production and shipping of the designs they choose.  Prices + shipping are from $70 - $160 depending on the design chosen.