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Wedding DJ Service

Dance Party

2019 Fall and 2020 Spring Wedding Weekend Booking is in full swing!   Don't wait!  Contact us today!

We contour our style to YOUR style!  We tailor our service to personalize your Wedding Day with many options customizeable to most any style of wedding! We also communicate and work as a team with your hired professionals to make sure every detail is perfect.

Important Note: Weddings are almost always family events where Grandparents, Parents and often children are present.  Because of this and our Christian values, we intentionally exclude explicit content from our music sets.  If there is a radio edited version of a song available for purchase from a legal source, we most likely have it.  We can not, and will not download versions of songs from YouTube or obtain music illegally.

NO ELECTRICITY FOR YOUR CEREMONY? NO PROBLEM!  We have developed an off-grid ceremony package that is designed to amaze!  Wireless EVERYTHING and Professional Bose sound!

Our goal is to make Your vision of Wedding Day come true!

We can create a formal ambiance with up-lighting and monogram projection or a high energy dance party suited for all ages!   Or, have it both ways with a perfect blend of elegance and party! 

Our Wedding DJ Total Package includes everything you see below except monogram projections

Our Wedding DJ Essentials Package includes everything below minus the Add-ons in both the Ceremony and Reception categories and monogram projections

Pre-Wedding Day

  • In-person planning meeting (Skype available for out-of-state clients)
  • We use our flagship "Wedding Couple Interview" to facilitate all the key points of Wedding Day
  • Communication with your wedding coordinator
  • Rehearsal attendance with your ceremony music selections on hand for practice

Wedding Day

  • We will "team-up" with your coordinator to provide the best possible experience 
  • Ceremony Amplification:
    • Your guests will enjoy a more memorable experience hearing the wedding officiant and the Bride & Groom say their vows!
    • This also allows a videographer to create a studio quality recording of your ceremony!
  • Custom Seating Music Profile
  • Parent/Grandparent Seating Music
  • Bridal Party Processional
  • Bride Processional
  • Sand/Candle/Rope/Cross Ceremony Music
  • Recessional


  • Live Sound Engineering for musicians or singers
  • Professional audio recording of your wedding ceremony


  • Full service reception DJ Team
  • Our Promise: 100% clean, family entertainment
  • Social Hour and Dinner Music - Sets designed by:
    • Genre preference
    • Desired Atmosphere
  • Custom Reception Music Set - Designed by:
    • Genre preference
    • Desired Atmosphere
    • Requests
  • GUARANTEED family friendly, radio edits
  • Optional MC "Activities/Games" for the bride, groom and guests
  • Top quality wireless microphones for speeches or karaoke


  • 65-inch Flat Screen TV for Slide Show or Video Montage
  • Dance Lighting and no-odor Haze
  • Up-Lighting
  • Karaoke available

Monogram Projection Options: $150 each

  • Wall Monograms: Standard designs in our Monogram Pages or, we can connect you with our Custom Designer to make your personality shine through the design
  • Floor Monograms: Best option if reception will be at a venue where walls are mostly covered

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Our Eastern North Carolina Wedding DJ Service is being recommended by more and more venue managers because of our continuing effort to build and maintain quality relationships. All of our teamwork pays dividends right into your event!